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Container Terminal

  • Total Berth: 2+1 ( Coastal )
  • Total Berth Length: 850m ( 650m + 200m )
  • Draft: 15m
  • RMQC: 5 Super post Panamax RMQC’s are operational.
  • RTG Cranes: 9
  • Reach Stackers: 16
  • Total Area: 36 Hectares
  • Total Ground Slots: 5000 TEU
  • Yard Capacity: 18,400 TEU
  • Total Handling Capacity: 1.2 Million TEU
  • Storage Capacity: 20,000 TEU
  • Reefer Plugs: 220
  • Rail Siding: 2 sidings on dock
  • Container Scanner: Drive-Through Scanner with capacity of 100 scans per hour


NCT offers a complete seamless terminal experience for the vessels. From round-the-clock services to dedicated tugs, NCT is been designed to accommodate Vessels of all kinds and capacities.

  • Night navigation: Round-the-clock pilotage
  • deep draft of 18 Mtrs
  • channel depth is 22 Mtrs and  turning circles with a diameter of 500 Mtrs
  • 3 dredgers
  • 4 dedicated tugs

Trade Facilities

NCT provides a continuum of services to engage in various trade activities within the terminal. From excellent accommodation to banking and communication, every aspect of trade can be conveniently accomplished without having to travel to the main city.

  • Bank
  • Hotel
  • Trade and Transport terminal
  • Terminal parking area
  • Truck parking area
  • Communication services
  • Banquet Hall

Drive Through Scanner

An industry first initiative, ‘Rapiscan Eagle P60 (“Eagle P60’’) a drive through X-Ray Container Scanner & Radiation Portal Monitor installed at port increases security and reduces service time. The port has introduced self sealing of export containers by the exporters with RFID seal. This will increase the speed of inspection; reduce the manual work at the terminal and enhance the efficiency of the entire logistic chain.

How does this benefit?

The direct entry of these sealed containers will encourage more exporters to come and trade at the port at internationally cost effective and competitive prices. The move will thus benefit Indian exporters who otherwise suffer losses when non-scanned containers are shipped back and will encourage increased transshipment activities.

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