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Statutory Agencies

Krishnapatnam Port Customs House (KPCH)

The Govt. authorized Customs Dept. at NCT handles the administration and regulations relating to imports, exports, movement and storage of goods. The dept. implements customs law and collects duties and taxes as per statutory requirements at the port.


Immigration Dept. at NCT is an officially designated area by the Govt. of India to authorize people’s entry and exit at the port. The dept. verifies all travel documents and stamps the passport to restrict unauthorized entry into the country.

Export Inspection Agency (EIA)

Export Inspection Agency (EIA) at NCT, operating under the aegis of Export inspection council (EIC), is involved in pre shipment inspection, quality control and certification of goods that are to be exported. They are engaged in consignment-wise inspection, in-process quality control and self-certification.

Plant Quarantine

Plant Quarantine Dept. at NCT ensures disease and pest-free environment, isolated tests are performed from time to time to detect the presence of any problem. This includes inspection of imported agricultural commodities, plant and plant material and detection of contamination by adopting Indian quarantine regulations

Additional Drug Controller

The ADC (Additional Drug Controller) at NCT authorizes all goods exporting or importing which contain medical related products. A NOC needs to be obtained from ADC’s office to manufacture medical related products.

Port Health Officer

Port Health Officer at NTC performs the task of surveillance for quarantinable diseases and public health emergencies. Apart from ensuring precautionary measures for various epidemics, he also issues ‘Pratique’ before a ships entry into the port.

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